Sunday, June 7, 2009


My mojo had been gone for quite a while.....and as I heard someone say "I even retraced my steps". But alas, no mojo. So one weekend my two stampin' buddies and I got together and forgot the cares of the world and stamped. We talked, laughed, critiqued, encouraged each other and had a blast. We even found our mojo! Must have been the Pringles that brought them out! So the two cards are the result of the weekend when MO & JO showed up.

I really love this designer paper!

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  1. *YEAH* You did it!!! You've started your own blog...*smile* I'm impressed, but I knew you could do it...*BIG smile* CONGRATS!!!

    Your cards are soooo cute. Nice job. I'm so glad MO & JO showed up to your stampin' week-end with the girls. They sure can be so stubbern at times...can't they???...*giggle*

    I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE your blog name!!! Pretty smart thinking for being left-handed, and blonde...*LOL* (Honestly - I LOVE it!!!)

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration.