Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Visit With Pat Huntoon

We had the most marvelous day!!! We played with a few techniques which will be in the next Technique Junkie Newsletter. I can't post those pictures yet, but I can post one of the cards I made with her. We challenged each other by using the same hostess stamp set called Faith in Nature. I think my pear looked like a pear, but her pear looked like an Avacado or a Mango! We will leave it up to her stampers to decide which one they like the best!!! Check out the new ruffled ribbon....oh so lovely!!!

Here is my card:

I just can't think of anything more fun than stamping with a friend!!! Oh did I mention we laughed a lot as well???? Oh yeah!!! Laughing makes your imagination and your creative juices start flowing!!

After visiting Pat I decided to try this technique again only using sponges instead of water color! Just so you know, Pat doesn't play fair! She gave me regular paper to water color on and kept talking to me to distract me from working. Finally I saw that my markers were NOT blending like they should and the paper started coming apart. That's when I realized.....I've been sabotaged!!!! So I'm gonna post that picture so you can see what she did to me!!!

Oh and have I told you what a little rascal she is???? She didn't want her picture taken so everytime I tried, she would poke her head back behind her card....till I realized she was looking at the flash and then ducking back.....SO hehe, I turned off the flash and caught her!!!

Thanks Pat for a day filled with fun, laughter and creativity!!! Thank you for lunch too!!!

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